We are now into mid-June, only days away from the summer solstice. It is also Day 2 of a 5 day heat wave, with temps at, near or above 30C.
Having just transplanted the last of our peppers into the ground, we thought it might be a good idea to protect them a bit from the heat, at least at first. Here is our pepper VegBed6, with a Lee valley bulk insect netting (about 13’x20′) covering them.

“This netting can serve multiple purposes.
Though primarily intended to create a bug-free environment, it can be used as a tent for partial shade; a single layer blocks 35% of incident light, while two layers block 57%. It can protect delicate plants and crops from direct sun or prevent damage by birds or animals.
Made of polyester with tape-bound edges, the netting measures 4m × 6m (approx. 13′ × 20′) and weighs about 0.84kg (1.85 lb).”

We also threw one onto a part of the tomato patch in Vegbed5.