The plan was to build a raised deck, high enough up for very good ventilation and high enough not to be shelter for critters.
Crushed gravel went in first, followed by a 1″ 12″x12″ patio stone followed by two stacked deck blocks. A small 2×2 was installed in the deck blocks to keep them aligned and together.
The pier was backfilled with dirt. The deck was built from 2x6x10′, 16″ on center except at the end where the pier was.

Blocks were added between the joists for more stability.

The deck supports were cantilevered in a touch so as to distribute the load better, and to help avoid stubbings ones feet at the end of the deck.
We also then added a layer of cloth to prevent critters from coming up between the decking, which was spaced to allow for air to come in and rain to go down and through.

5/4×6 PT decking was added and many measurements were taken to move onto the next steps.