The day started out cold -2C but the sun was shining. The wind coming from the SSW at 11 km/h and gusty. I quickly got out to do some Solar Astronomy, then proceeded to get into the gardening mode.

The Bulbils needed to be done, but I decided that they will not be planted in 2022. We have the garlic that will be planted on Oct 22/23 and any types that were too small, went into the  styrofoam cup to be planted in the Bulbil bed (Garden 7), I just cannot get rid of them, they want to grow. Most are Mediterranian types that may not like the cold weather we have in Canada. So they are in a raised bed, in a cup, and already covered with straw.

Types that are planted- all small bulbs (broken into the individual cloves):

Chesnock Red 6

Persian Star 5

Phillapino 6

Acropolis Greek 4

Spanish Roja 6

Anglio Rosso 9

Chiliean Silver 7

Carpathian 3

Barcelona Red  SP 8

Metchi 3

Tibetan 7

Bubba’s Chsnock 5

So 73 cloves planted.

We have been growning the bulbils out of various varieties for over 10 years, and the main purpose was too see how long it took one small bulbil to produce a bulb. It ranged from 3-5 years, depending on the type. What  we had, will be eaten and enjoyed.

This project was started by the wise words of Garlic Guru Paul Pospisil from Beaver Ponds Estates. Paul is no longer with us, but his wisdom carries on.

I also heard crickets, saw dandelions, white phlox, salad burnet, catmint  and german chamomile still growing, the flowers do not want to stop either.

Expecting warmer temperatures for the next few days, so its Garlic weekend