Is it spring yet? This image from 13 years ago shows snow… much like it was over this past weekend.

We continued to be optimistic and built two more new cold frames.
The hoop cold frame we built last year was too heavy to move easily. it was made of 2″x4″ and was 4’x8′ with poly pies forming a hoop and plastic on top of that. too heavy!
So this year we scaled the concept back to A-frame designs, 4’x 4′ x2′ high, made from 1″x2″ and covered in plastic.
Much much more manageable and lightweight.
We will be adding spike legs to them to insert into the ground in the hopes of keeping them in the ground when the high winds come by.
The 1″x2″x8′ are about $2 each here and each A-frame design took four of them… so about $8 + screws. The plastic was leftover from the wood pellets and was reused.

Pictures to come once the feet get installed.