2013 sees the Napanee Food Bank Garden garden move from its previous spot to a new spot, right beside the old spot. Spot on!
Easy access from the road with grass to park on for volunteers who can come once a week to tend their assigned rows.

Or in other images… the 2010-2012 garden is in the centre of this image, the 2013 is just to the right of it.

The area was an agricultural field in the past. It was tilled up a few days before April 24 and volunteers stepped up shortly afterward to start picking rocks. The new garden is smaller than in years past, approx 60’x60′.

What did it actually look like on April 21st? How about this:

Planting first occurred on Monday May 13th, 2013 this year.
Reports have come in that the soil is in better shape than expected, and better than the soil in the old location.

What was/will be plated:

Tomato..Mountain Fresh and Hybrid Beefsteak
Beets..red ace
Carrots…chanter nay
Onions..Dutch sets and Spanish (candy)
Cabbage..Artost and Tiara
Squash..Butternut 900 and Autumn cup
Lettuce..mesculin mix, Simpson elite and Deers tongue
Beans…yellow pencil pod and green
Cucumber…Dasher II