It isn’t raining at the moment, so I thought I would move the Bull’s Blood beets (heritage) to garden 4A in the SW corner.  I moved 5 beets, so we will see how they over winter. I put 3-4 inches of straw over them, to give them some protection.  We will see how this works. The geramiums are pulled and put in a box for the winter, these too will go under the foyer.  I put the cana bulbs in sawdust for the winter (need more sawdust),  but these will have to be moved to the foyer storage area.  Also a red peonie tubor is put in here as well.  I may put this out in the front garden by the road, but not sure yet.  Filled up the bird feeders, cut down the dead hollyhocks, and the siberian iris seed stocks, if that is what they are.  I need to research this.  Its cool, with a SE wind gusting to 20-25 km. Rain is moving in this afternoon, but the fire is warm, so inside is where I will stay.