Saturday December 20, a bright sunny day after a blizzard storm on Friday, and Kevin goes to check the greenhouse.  I have had seeds in paper bags drying out, not cleaned Snow on the Heritage seedsyet, waiting in the queue.  Kevin took pictures and snow had come in the north window vents, and landed of course into the bags of heritage seeds.  I saw the pictures and rushed out to get the seeds.

The ones effected where dill, blackeyed susan’s, artic king lettuce, rouge hivre lettuce.  I put these on plates to dry out.  They should be ok, but I will have to watch for mold. All the seeds have been brought into the house to dry out, and to get cleaned. I should have gone out to bring them in sooner….woulda, coulda, shoulda………now time will tell.

Kevin doesn’t like the headline…………but I said it was a disaster for a seed saver

Snow on the Heritage seeds