Wednesday again started before sunrise… eight of us hopped into a cab/van and headed off on the adventure of the day… Treasure of the Sierra Madres… ok.. maybe not the Treasure but darned close.
One thing we noticed in Mexico was that there were a lot of dogs and no cats. Scratch that… we saw one cat at the Adventure Centre, while waiting to board our truck jeeps.

Here are some of the dogs we came across.
We met these three amigos at our lunch stop… where we had homemade tortillas that were to die for. Not made from corn soaked in limestone water for two days and then pounded flat.. no… the new instant tortilla corn mix… and it was still fantastic. We didn’t want to go but we had more travelling up into the mountains.

The roads were still pretty bad but we eventually made it through to El Colombo and the Town Square
We checked out the church the square and the school across the way. Some of the girls dug into their packs and left Canadian type souvenirs… pens pencils, balls and stuff like that.

Our guide, Estevan, was fantastic. Enthusiastic, funny, knowledgable.. everything you would want in a local guide.


Back to the fanatastic tortillas and Coca..
Too soon we hit the road again, heading even deeper into the mountains, through Neuvo Ixtlan and La Cucaracha. We stopped for a half hour hike through the jungle, checking out the bugs, fungus and plant life. After a jungle pit stop for the ladies, we went by an active volcano (just a lot of steam and smell) and back out onto the highway through Conalep. We stopped for a BBQ dinner on the beach at the bottom of yet another horrendous road down the mountain plateau. gorgeous little resort… it even had wifi!

Better yet it had one of the best bars for marguaritas ever!.
The undertow was something else so we only went in knee deep onto the surf. The beach was gorgeous with a lot of volcanic rock and sand.

Again too soon we packed up and headed back up the mountain to the highway and out came the tequlia.. lots of toasts and cheers and the trialing state police declined a shot, fired up their lights and passed us with smiles and waves.

Ten hours after we started out we returned home.

Another exhausting day but one of the best ever. Good thing too because tomorrow is reserved to rest, lie around and drink a lot.