Our last full day at the resort saw us down at the beach .. we made a brief siting of the newlyweds getting their feet wet as well.

Where did the day go? Before we knew it, it was sunset on the last day here. Time for reflection and the realization that 7 days is not enough. This was the first day we actually had nothing to do and felt the stresses leaving, leaving.. gone.
That evening we went back to the theatre again. There was an inhouse group of dancers/actors/singers that put on a show most nights. They were very very good. Here in the next few images they put on scenes from Rocky Horror (Sweet Transvestite from Transexual Transylania!), the Phantom, Thriller and a couple more.

We actually made a few videos with our Canon Powershot A540 camera as well that did not turn out too bad.. not of the show but of the audience. Kim, Di, Katie were all dancin up a storm to the Time Warp!