I must say, the weather over the last week, has left one to desire it much, except when the sun comes out.  From before Christmas we had snow, so we got our White Christmas.   On Christmas Eve,  later in the afternoon, it starts to rain with temperatures rising to +6 overnight, and of course this means the snow is disappearing.  On the way to Church on this Christmas eve, in the distance were fireworks.  Big bright greens ones brings a smile to may face. No matter how old you are, fireworks are always fun to watch.  Off and on over the next few days it would warm up, the snow melts, it gets cool at night. 20081228-08 On Sunday December 28th , Kevin and I go for a walk, its +8C but a wicked little wind. Clouds to the north, a rainbow to the West, and the sun peaking over a cloud front in the East. As we reached the creek, there then appeared a double rainbow, very intense, then it started to rain.  20081228-10By the time we went around the loop back to Branch street, the rainbow was diminishing but the rain was still present. By later in the day, the temperatures were starting to plunge back in the double negatives.  By Monday the sun had come out, but the wind was peaking up towards 70-90 km gusts, so the radio station states.  Me, well I took a book , a blanket, a glass of wine and sat out front to soak up the sun, and at least a daily intake of Vitamin D.  The clouds returned, the wind remained, in fact all night, and it was cold.  By Tuesday, it was -15C going into work, but clear.  I did look out the window in the morning, and did see Cassiopeia and RhoCass, the Dipper and Saturn.  That day at lunch, after the running around was done, I managed to view the sun.  On the way home at the grocery store, I managed to see Venus and the crescent moon  10 degrees apart, but that was soon gobbled up by the encroaching grey/black snow clouds.

We were to get snow overnight, and it did not disappoint but only a skiff so far. It was very dark driving in, the roads snow covered, no plows had been out to sand the roads, but according the CSC alarm, it was going to clear up and I would be able to observe the sun.  It cleared indeed, still -12C , high haze, but sunny, the telescope and tripod came out of the back of the van, and solar observing I did do.  Again no spots, very quiet CR2077 and CR2078, but this was a record of  three solar observations in a row, and this on the Eve of a New Year.   The first day in 2009 is to be clear as well a wonderful way to start the year.

However, the end of 2008 will not disappoint me.  Everyone this evening, at least if your skies are clear, should be able to see Venus and the crescent moon in the SW. Lower in the SW will be Jupiter, and I am going to try to see Mercury.  Tonight it is dipping to -18C, it will be cold, but perhaps I will bundle up and go outside to take in the New Year with starlight and peace. 20081231-071