The Allsky Concam saw something last night, most likely a low flying aircraft.  It appears on two frames, one at 23:19:05 local and the other at 23:22:25 local.  The first obvious check is to see if the International Space Station went by, but says no.  We then checked  it against all other bright satellites for the time and nothing.  The resolution of these images is low, only 657 x495 pixels but even when blowing this up it does not appear to have typicaly blinking anti-collision lights of an aircraft.  And it is brighter than the aircraft we regularly image.  Interesting.  The complete nights video is at /concam/special/today20081223.gif and also shows some more annotation. highlighted another allsky camera system at

that had an owl come by one night and land on the dome.  Very cool!  Hope it didn’t leave any scratches.  More and more this highlights the need to look at a video capture system rather than a digital still system I think.   Granted the video would not be as low light as the ST-237A with 2-4 minute exposures but TANSTAAFL.