Sunday saw the Greenup! festival at the Kingston K-Rock centre.
We barely found out about it a couple of days in advance but luckily were able to change plans in order to attend early in the morning. It was a great sunny day albeit a little cool. The first keynote speaker was Leonard Lee, president of one of favourite companies, Lee Valley Tools.
He was good to listen to and we ended up hoping they would open up a store in Kingston so we could work there.

The afternoon speaker was Gillian Deacon, ex-past-cohost of Daily Planet. She addressed her new book, Green for Life, which we picked up and had signed at the event.

In between we had a tour of the LEED silver facility, going back into the Command Centre and some of the mechanical areas. There were 51 exhibitors there and it took us a good hour to slowly travel the aisles, stopping to read each display and asking questions of folks there.
A good event, although what the (&#)4 the city of kingston is thinking about outrageous parking charges on a Sunday in the local lots. Disgusting!

At the event we chatted with city councillor Leonore Foster, learned about the City of Kingston Goal of becoming the most sustainable city in Canada, and filled out some survey questions.