Wow… Friday night was busy prepping for Saturdays May 2nd Astronomy Day… and then we spent 8 hours down in Market Square showing people the sun with a Coronado solarmax 60 and a thousand oaks filter whilst handing out 100 packs of astro goodies.
It was a cool 12-15C with a good wind and intermittent cloud. Turns out perfect weather for a sunburn! Oww!
Home later that evening to discover 16 yards of garden mix dirt and 6 yards of gravel… all of which has to be moved by hand.
That was Sunday’s jobs.. at least to start.
Fix up the trailer, get the tractor started for the first time this year and hauled 5 loads, 3 into existing veg gardens for top up and 2 into one of the new beds going in.
Looks like good dirt.. covered up in case of rain but it is moving quite well. Should have the new bed done by the end of tonight.