The calendar say’s its spring, the daffodils coming up, the sounds of the frogs which showed up on April 3 say its spring,but the temperatures and the wet snow that keep falling make it feel otherwise. 
After battling mice in the greenhouse since April 1st, there are now six traps set, and yes, three of them had mice in them this morning.  So that is 5 DOA, and 1 that was let loose yesterday…..a field mouse.  The rest of the ALMA peppers that were coming up have been eaten, the broccoli are gone, with only 3 salvaged, and the tomatoes that were poking their heads up yesterday have been relocated to the house.

Tonight, we will check to see if there are any more. All winter long no evidence of mice homes, or droppings or anything.  We did find stashes of bird seed in the peat moss , but they were not eaten.

The temps in the green house are warm, and the little heater is doing quite well.  It is a tropical paradise inside, but not outside…..winter want’s to hang on…..away with you I say, you have had your time, its now time for warm, sunshine and flowers.