ubuntu_904The Linux Ubuntu distribution was released yesterday and I just happened to have a workstation with 1/2 a hard drive empty and waiting for something just like this. It’s an older AMD Athlon XP2500 with 512mb ram and an 80gb IDE with a 40gb partition for windows xppro SP3. The 760mb ubuntu “Jaunty Jackalope” ISO took a few minutes to download and then burn onto a CDROM. Booted that and started the install process, manually partitioning the last half of the drive into a 1gb swap and a 39gb root partition. Away we go!
A nice new feature is something about migrating my windows user account and documents from the first partition.
The install process took longer than the download.. about 15 minutes or so. More news as we go on.
Reboots into Grub and back into ubuntu by default, Run the update manager to get the latest and greatest and all of the devices seem to be working: video, network, sound, etc.
What about the windows migration you ask? Well, it did bring over some documents and images… that combined with the default open office installation and GIMP, we are set to go!