Software is always changing.. always upgrading.. and today is no difference. WordPress, the engine that drives this blog, was updated this morning to v2.8
In other news, Linux Fedora 11 was released last week and we’ve slowly been upgrading various servers… not without problems. So far two of the 4 machines got through the upgrade process from v10 and would not start up. The Grub loader came up and sat there. So in with the bootable DVD again and this time into rescue mode then a chroot /mnt/sysimage followed by grub, root(hd0,0) and setup(hd0) and a restart. That worked to get the master boot record up and running with GRUB now knowing where to find the operating system on the drive.
One of the other servers locked up 80% of the way through the upgrade. After a hard restart it could not see the old installation and would only allow a fresh new install. That went well but then spent the next 6 hours reconfiguring the system to behave as it did before.
Still, Fedora11 does start faster. That always helps. Haven’t tried out the new ext4 file system yet but will probably start on a non-critical drive like the data backup drive and see if it works, how it works and how well it works.