Another (2009) spring week off from work to catch up on the yardwork. 8 of 9 days we worked to the point of insanity prepping the yard, the gardens, the pool, this and that and the other. Good news is, there were no real show stoppers .. except maybe one. A young raccoon decided our yard was a nice place to visit.
He cleaned out the robins nest with at least 2 young birds and a few eggs in it,
broke various bird feeders and went up our back deck tree for most of one morning. He’s been back pretty well every night since, looking for more trouble.
Little muddy footprints and tufts of hair on the fence are all he has left behind recently.
But in other great news, the solar pool heater is up an running as is the pool, all of the veg were planted and we haven’t had frost. The new Veg4 deer fence went up on time and a new gate was built to keep out the pesky critters.
Tent worms finally showed up but we caught them early and they seem to be pretty few and far between. Spruce budworms have also appeared on a couple of trees but again, we caught them early.
Grass cutting… went to 3″ for the first time this year but then back to 4″ as a standard for cutting every two weeks for the summer.
Complete construction of the adirondack chairs after three days of staining. Very nice and peaceful sitting by the pond, except of course for the noise and dust from the passing dump trucks.
Overall the weather was almost perfect… sometimes we even had a day or two of few if any black flies!
Unfortunately time has run out and the todo list is still two pages long.