We received some seed potatos yesterday to add to the diverse collection growing in Veg5A already… 10 hills of Yukon Gold and 9 hills of Caribe? This should give us around 120+ hills of 14+ varieties. That should give us potatos enough to last through the winter.

Cedar poles were added around the perimeter of the garden and more dirt was added to top it off and level it out a bit more.

We moved a little used bench out to the Veg garden areas as well, mostly to give these old bones a rest. You can never have enough benches.

The seed potatos were cut in half, with eyes on both halves, placed in the ground 1′ apart cut side up for an hour to allow to to harden/dry off a bit, then turned over and covered up.

The greenhouse plants have been coming out every day now since Saturday to toughen up a bit in the breeze/winds and direct sunlight.
Hopefully the frost is behind us (Sunday May 9 & Monday May 10) had hard -5 deg C frost. There was a story in the Kingston Whig Standard about a Prince Edward County farm who lost their entire crop of asparagus for the first time in 35? years due to frost.

That’s climate change for you.. warmer atmosphere means more energy means more variability.