All kinds of news to talk about here.
We put out our first 50 feet of sunflowers, protected this year with chicken wire. Last years attempts at building a sunflower wall on the far side of the creek miserably failed with all of the seeds and plants being eaten before they got going.

Colorado potato bugs are out intermittently in the potato patch, laying clusters of bright orange eggs on the underside of the leaves. So far we tend to find a dozen bugs and a dozen egg clusters on a daily basis.

We did put out another yard of dirt to hill up the potatos. This is in our new bed that typically has only 2 inches or so in the valleys. Over time we will continue to add dirt to it to bring it up a log.

The vines arrived and were planted on Friday June 4th into their raised beds. We have 4 concord vines and 4 something something vines.
Already they show signs of needing to be supported and trained, so that may happen tonight.

We also received ten balsam fir trees (very tiny.. only 6-8 inches tall).
The intent here was to start planting and harvesting our own christmas trees in a few years time. So we planted four for that purpose, 2 more to extend the northern property line and the remaining four to replace other failed trees in the northern berm.