Day 1 of the 2 week journey to the East Coast of Canada.
The vehicle was packed the night before and at 5am Saturday morning we hit the road. After ensuring that the cats had an excess of food and drink.
Last year we had to travel long distances and drive 14, or even 16 hours per day.
Well.. not this year. 12 hours max was our aim.
So off we went eastward ho!
Ontario went by pretty quick in this direction (going west took 1 3/4 days), only 3 hours to the border.
Getting through (or rather around) Montreal went pretty well as well, early morning Saturday.. not a lot of traffic. Once we cleared that, it was Quebec City ho! and then Riviere du Loop and then finally south across the border into New Brunswick.
Note to New Brunswick: you guys REALLY need to have a sign about the changing Time Zone (eastern to atlantic).
Counting the time change it was about 10 hours give or take. Another two hours and we arrived at the Mt. Carleton Provincial Park, a recently designated Dark Sky Preserve.
We didn’t get the best of campsites (right on a main thoroughfare) and the lady at the camp store laughed when I asked if her flies bit 🙂
Apparently so.

Mt. Carleton is quite a ways off the beaten path and civilization and we believe that it would in fact be very dark. It was cloudy during our entire stay so we could not take any SQMeter readings.

We woke up early that morning wondering just exactly how cold it was. The portable weather station was at 6 degrees and falling.. and falling .. and falling. By the time it bottomed out it was 3.3 degrees.
So we packed up and headed for Prince Edward Island, using the scenic coastal route… Read more about Day Two