Day Three – Monday
It’s not quite tourist season around here yet… it seems to start on July 1st.
But we took it easy in the morning, snapped the obligatory image of us on the beach at 8am on a Monday and emailled them into work 🙂
Off to the Cavendish Boardwalk (which is nowhere near the ocean), but rather a series of tourist retail, along with one with a large cow on the roof. We had just finished picking up all kinds of souvenirs, got some great ice cream and it started to rain. And didn’t stop for a few days… but that is another story.

So we hit the road, heading for the Cumberland Strait ferry lines terminal on the SE corner of the island at Wood Islands. It was a longer drive than we though but we got in ($75) and onto the first ferry. For a 3 hour crossing, they were smaller than the BC ferries that we have been on between Victoria and Vancouver, but they were still fun. Saved a lot of backtracking and extra hours driving as well.
Still raining.
We came ashore and drove into Pictou, New Glasgow and onto the highway for Cape Breton. We went through Antogonish and hit the Canso Causeway in the late afternoon. We wanted to get an early start on the Cabot Trail so we were aiming to camp somewhere just short of it this night and found a place 10km short of Baddeck, along with a lot of construction. We continued our way in, in search of yet another provinces’ equivalent of an LCBO.
But first dinner. We went into Baddeck and drove through the town from one end to the other, looking for a “good seafood place”.
At the end of town we turned around and went to the last place we passed. And it was fantastic.
Scallops St. Jacque for Kim and some nice Haddock for me.
Back through town on a slightly different route and found the NSLC
Picked up some nice Jost wine and headed back to the campground for the night . Still raining.