Tuesday June 29th. The day of the Cabot Trail. Before this holiday I wasn’t even sure where the Cabot trail was in Nova Scotia. I do now! It was raining, cloudy and foggy all at once but we headed off after breakfast for the Cabot Trail.
It was a nice drive with the roads variously in horrible shape and in good shape. The tires and brakes started to protest and midway around the north end at least one of the brakes was very very hot.

We searched for a spotted minke whales along the way, but from quite a distance.

A little bit after noon we stopped in at Cheticamp for a bite of fresh seafood and picked some more up for cooking on the campstove later that night. The lobster and scallops were excellent!
We made it back across the Canso Causeway that evening and found a nice little campsite near Havre-Boucher.