Part of the issue of having a relatively newer house (~20 years) and a larger and ever growing vegetable patch, is where to put the harvest!

After trying out various parts of the house (26-30 deg C in the summer) over the last few years we decided to try to build an enclosed insulated box in the insulated garage. What came out was a 4’x8’x7′ plywood and 2×4 construction box with styrofoam insulation, two cold vents, one hot exhaust vent, lighting and shelving this past weekend.

We think it should safely hold the entire potato harvest along with the garlic harvest and seeds of various types for the spring planting.
If we are lucky it might even fit in part of the wine cellar.

Come the cold winter, the combined double insulation system should smooth out the temperature variations and if needed, a small electric ceramic heater can be installed inside.