Saturday October 23rd, the garlic goes into the ground.
We picked bed Veg4C this year, rotating away from Veg2&3.
About a month ago a wheelbarrow of compost and a bag of sheep manure went in and we tilled it up with a little Mantis tiller.
Over 31 varieties went in, and depending on how many cloves per type of garlic bulb, between 4 and 10 cloves went in of each type.
We managed to get 13 rows in, cloves spaced about 4-5″ apart and rows about 1′ apart, when we discovered we still had more garlic to plant.

So out came the tiller again for 3 more rows in Veg 4B.
The rains came in the afternoon and we are expecting warm highs and warm lows for the next two weeks (according to the Weather Network), so the garlic should grow some roots and get established before the ground freezes.
We use 1″x2″ stakes with the names of the type written in red paint, at the head end of each section.
36 types in total this year.
Row 1: French , US Roma
Row 2: Artichoke Formidable, US Republican
Row 3: German Red , Spanish Roja
Row 4: Japanese, Korean Purple
Row 5: Northern Siberian, Georgia Crystal
Row 6: Ginki, Georgian Fire
Row 7: German White, Inchellium
Row 8: Czech Broadleaf, Shouldice, Japanese Sikura
Row 9: Chesnock Red, Metechi
Row 10: Silverskin, Alberta Hardy
Row 11: Carpathian, Mennonite
Row 12: Italian Lorenz, Russian Red?
Row 13: Duganskij, Slovak
Row 14: Musical, Ted3, Polish Jenn, Magnificent
Row 15: Ted40, Tibet, Siberian Marble, Solent Wight, US Polish

Row 16: Bulble project in cups: 1&2=luciano sicilian, 3&4=silverskin40, cupless korean purple, 5&6=czech broadleaf, 7=spanish roja, 8=?
9=us replublican 10&11&12=spanish 13=ginki 14= northern siberian, 15=georgian red, 16=mennonite, 17=chesnock red

Two good articles from our local guru Paul Pospisil: How to Plant Garlic and How to Harvest Garlic