Our transport recently had a collision with a deer and was eventually written off as too expensive to repair. She was a great van with very little wrong otherwise… a real not-a-lemon.
10 days later enough of the bureaucratic process moved through that we were able to purchase another transport, several years newer, a lot less kilometerage and what seems to be a male persona – so we named it the BluesMobile, or Jake, depending on the mood at the time.
Still getting used to it but vastly prefer it over the rental, a Mazda6.

Our week and a half use of the Mazda has convinced us never to even look at Mazdas in the future.

Who needs a speedometer that goes to 260kph? With the scale, you can not reliably gauge your own speed +-20kph, not to mention that the steering wheel (adjustable) blocks the view of that gauge. If you move the wheel, it shows the gauge but then blocks your high beam and turn signal indicators, amongst others.
Bad design bad design!