This is a mix of good and bad news. We were hoping for much smaller development than this 25 lot plan approval but at least it is almost using minimum 1ha lot sizes (its using average lot size of 1ha with a smaller minimum of 0.8ha). We still believe from the science presented that this will a) cause more dry wells in the area, including ourselves; b) cause runoff pollution into the napanee river; c) cause upstream water table pollution into our well as well.

From the website this morning
older plan with 36? lots down from 45 in first draft
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Special Council Meeting results
Nov 23, 2010

Well, after a long wait and in front of a full house, council has made a decision on the number of lots at last nights special meeting! The planner and LAWYER for the Jayne’s made a last minute bid to get 35 lots approved and offered no more scientific information or concessions. It was very apparent that they are not going to spend anymore money until they get a number!!

Their message to council was very clear:

1. They have had enough of the delays
2. They will not be paying anymore for the township’s consultants if further delays arise from not making a decision past the evening
3. They suggest that if council can not make a decision maybe they need to allow the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing make the decision for them!

We then heard the VERY STRONG recommendations from Malroz Engineering (the townships hydrogeologist) that development is highly NOT recommended BUT if council felt compelled to approve something, that 25 lots would be the maximum. The final number would be based on restrictions that the lot size average would not be less then 1ha (2.5acreas) with no lot being less then .8ha (2 acres). Its all about RISK MANAGEMENT at this stage and little about the science! Due to the difficulty of getting the science on this type of typography our only option is to accept a risk management approach.

Next to speak was Tunnock Consulting. He reiterated Malroz Engineering’s recommendation! This was a complete turn around from the last meeting.

Each council member had lots of good questions and Dwayne Williams continued his campaign trying to get the 35 lots approved, to the point that he made a motion that 35 lots be approved!… This didn’t prove successful as he was not able to get a seconder!!.. MOTION DIED!!

After comments, clarifications, questions by the remaining council a motion was put on the table. That they approve 25 lots with the lot size restrictions as well as a phased in approach. This will include wells being placed on ALL lots on the south east corner (the portion behind the Jaynes) and pump testing to be completed at a dry season. If this proves that there is significant influence on adjacent wells, then this could reduce the number of lots allowed. In addition, there were a list of several conditions applied including a Record of Site condition (Phase 2 environmental assessment) of the railway bed. If this area proves contaminated then they may be subject to a cleanup and a reduction in the number of lots.

The work ahead is not done! We still need to ensure that these items in fact are completed. Right now we still need official notice from the Ministry of what the final decision will be. Council’s decision translates into a recommendation to the Ministry. The Ministry now takes that information and makes a final ruling.