We had several days off over the holidays (2010-2011) and managed to catch up on a lot of video, including: Stargate Atlantis, all five seasons of it. Not a bad finale. At least they saw it coming and had a little fun with the last few episodes.

Have to re-view the two Stargate movies as well and then it will be done and done. A good series. Too bad it had to end after only five seasons.

We also took a look at The Tudors season one. A nice production that from what we have seen so far, is following history very well… you could almost call it a docu-drama of King Henry the 8th of England.

Survivor and The Amazing Race kick off again in mid February.
The annual Air Farce New Years Eve show… hmmm.. the writing was a bit of a letdown. They seem to have lost the will to really showcase corrupt politicians!