Our Kidde Carbon Monoxide Detector was making noises every 30 seconds last night when we got home.
Checked the three AA batteries and they were a little low but not bad. So we replaced them with three new, tested ones in any event and the *(&$!@^ still kept on beeping. The sticker on it said it was made in 2003 March, making it 8 years old. Probably time to get a new one in any event.
But first, let’s try to find a manual to see exactly what the 30 second noises mean. How to you find a manual from 8 years ago? Turns out, not easily at home at all. But google does help… typing in the make: Kidde, model number: KN-COB-B and the word manual, we found a 10 page PDF online that described the error as “unit error”.
We tried cycling the batteries, resetting the unit over and over and still the same problem.
Sounds like it is toast.