We were notified that we are joining the throngs of Ontario Hydro One Time of Use power users next month.
It has been a long time coming but they appear to have their ducks in a row. We signed up to our online monitoring account and could see data back to 2011 Jan 4th.
The data is a nice display, but not in all of the useful formats I could think of. Namely a daily total kwh usage across time. Being able to download a spreadsheet file is a nice touch.
Our first order of business was to look at what we are doing right now and examine it for potential savings.
Never do dishes until the low rates, after 9pm or weekends.
Never do laundry until the low rates. Cooking will be a bit of a challenge, what with winter high rates starting when one normally gets home.
We’ve added two programmable timers for our baseboard heat and will slightly reprogram those to our advantage. Some of our baseboards have manual controls right on the units themselves and as far as we can tell, do not lend themselves at all to upgrading to a timer.