On Monday March 7th while outside enjoying the day, I could hear the call of the Red Wing Black Bird twice though I could not see him. On Wednesday upon driving into work I thought I saw one in the tree, but cold not closely identify. This morning March 12th, while sitting in the lounge chair in the livingroom, I saw the Red Wing Black bird fly into the tree and proud as could be. Red Wing BlackbirdTo me this signals spring. Robins we see sometimes in the winter, but I am so glad to see them back. The weather however keeps telling us that winter is here, but spring is biting the heals of old man Winter.

There were several flocks of Red Wing Black birds in the fall over two states, that just fell out of the sky, and the theory was ice rain, but there has been no definative reply.

Today is Seedy Saturday at the Kingston Frontenac Library. I will be helping out for a bit, but its always nice to see others so excited about spring and gardening.

There are some zinnias, marigolds and bachelor buttons popping up in the greenhouse. The peppers are slower, but they want it hotter. The lettuce and and radishes have not made an appearance yet.