These are before and after pictures of our vegetable bed #5. The soil we got last year to build this was particularly bad and full of weed and grass seed. Last fall it had overgrown so much we were considering abandoning it, and yet this spring we had so much to grow out that we had no choice and had to clear it.



We are also awaiting the delivery of a Lee Valley 7’x100′ deer fence to attach to the 2″x2″ poles you see surrounding the garden.
You are also seeing the brown paper we laid down atop of the old bed, after pulling out most of the weeds and grass, rototilling it and turning over by shovel some of the worst spots. Then we added another 5 yards of new soil mixed in with organic compost. This would give us another 3″ of depth to add to last years.
Tomatos and others will be going in here, once it dries up enough to plant.