After almost two weeks of work, we are as done as done can be.
All of the vegetable beds were built, soiled, cleaned, cleared, setup and planted.
All of the flower beds were edged. All of the plants in the greenhouse are in the ground… mostly.
The rabbits are out of the gardens, 5 chipmunks have been captured alive, interrogated and relocated. We have posted “no squirrels!” signs at the property boundaries.
The new deer fence is up as well as the new gates and wire protection where the posts meet the gate. They shall not get in!

The garlic is showing leek moth signs. We did not get them covered in time with row cover cloth this year… there’s always next year!

The 17 yards of soil pile has been reduced to about 3 or 4.. waiting for the potatos to grow enough to start hilling them.

We are exhausted. And still yet is the shed cleanout and all of the grass and weed pulling from the flower beds… but that will have to wait a little longer.