Canada's Flag
Well its Canada Day (2011), and a beautiful morning indeed. Remember those men and women who have passed on in all our wars on far away soils, they fought for our and others freedom. Remember those who passed away at Beaumont Hamel. We got to celebrate Canada Day and participate in the memorial service in St. John’s NFLD (2004) and it was a wonderful experience.

Today, we will be with friends for a BBQ and Fireworks, but first an update on the gardens.

On Tuesday, we noticed in the parsnip that is going to seed, the parsnip caterpillar, which was cocooning and eating all the seeds devastating the plant. They were quickly taken care of.

Potato bugs are still showing up on the potatoes, and on the tomatoes. The cucumbers, squash are growing nicely. The carrots, onions, peas, beans, peppers, radishes growing nicely. The lettuce, radish, mesulix, beets, cabbage, spinach are going to seed, everything on course.

Today, we put more dirt into the potatoes in order to give them a covering hill, and weed the gardens.

On Monday and Wednesday we were doing weed pulling, and picking potato bugs at the Food Bank Garden in Napanee. They have the space, and have 5 ft clearance between rows, very nice.