This was our 2nd week since we were assigned rows 6,7 and 26 to look after in the Napanee Food Bank Garden. This is the Garden’s 2nd year and all in all last year went very well.
This year the rows are spread apart more allowing for the rototiller to to the major work in between the rows for weeding. Much appreciated!

These images are from our week 2 visit (on Wednesday July 6) and we plan to take image each week and post them here as a historic record accessible to all.

Here are the rows that we look after:

Rows 6 & 7

Row 26

Some of the other features include:

This is a raised (for pressure) water container with the beginnings of a drip feed system for the tomatos. It doesn’t appear to be complete yet. The tomatos are individually staked with 2×2’s and tied up with plastic ties.

The water tap system works well but needs to be moved from tank to tank as they run dry as we have only one.

Watering is done the old fashioned way… by hand with lots of buckets. We find that 4 or 5 buckets will do a 50′ row.

This week, despite thunderstorms rolling through the area Wednesday, the ground was quite dry and watering was needed.