This was our 5th week since we were assigned rows 6,7 and 26 to look after in the Napanee Food Bank Garden.
These images are from our week 5 visit (on Wednesday July 27) and we plan to take image each week and post them here as a historic record accessible to all.

The garden area under cultivation is approx 135′ x 106′ for a total of 14310 ft^2 which is about 1/3 acre. The major rows are just shy of 50′ long.

You can Click here for a master summary of images

Here is rows6&7 and 26, week5:

Some of the other things we noticed this week:
Rows 6&7 have been harvested of their peas and the plants pulled up.
Blossom end rot on a lot of the tomatos, the same as we are getting at home on a few of ours.