I need to test a new linux based samba run domain controller at work. So I pull out an old (10 year) spare box that has: pentium 4 celeron @2.66GHz, 512mb DDR RAM, 80 gb IDE drive and a CDROM drive.
The linux fedora 15 media is DVD so:
1) remove the CDROM drive and install a DVDROM drive (8 years old). It doesn’t work. Broken drive belt and no spares.
2) replace the DVDROM drive with another. Same problem.
3) Replace DVDROM drive with a 3rd. This one works. Bonus.
4) Run Spinrite to test old WD 80Gb IDE drive (2003 Oct). Says SMART status is imminent failure but test anyways. 30 minutes later it has many unrecoverable sectors near the end of the drive. Mark it bad and discard it.
5) Install another WD 80gb IDE drive (2005 Sept), run spinrite which passes the drive.
6) Boot from Linux DVD. Gets partway in and stops with error:
linux fedora 15 trying to unpack rootfs image as initramfs
A quick google search says maybe not enough RAM. The U8668D motherboard only has two DDR RAM slots, each with 1x256mb sticks. So I dig around and find a 1xc512mb stick and replace a 256mb stick.
7) Reboot into linux DVD. This time it gets past the stopped bit. Hmmm maybe we’d better test the DVD media.. and that is in progress and finally passes.

Three hours in and we are only getting to the point of getting to the Operating System install.