We had an issue with the radiojove system thursday morning… one of those pesky microsoft automatic updates occurred, and it restarted the system around 3am. Funny. We thought we had those turned off!
Well, it is for sure turned off now.

As a result, skypipe did not automatically restart and we were not collecting data until that evening, when we got back home and figured out the problem.
We are using skypipe 2.1.17 available from radiosky.com

When we restarted it, it let us know there was a new upgrade available v2.3.11
That was downloaded and installed this morning.
It worked out of the box as it were with new features that we have to look at, including hopefully an audio recorder that works like a motion detector (ie only recording large audio .wav files when there is something to record, like a solar flare or a radio storm from Jupiter).

Another nice feature which we do not know yet (have to read some more documentation) is, will it start up automatically and take data when the system starts up? It is already in the windows startup folder but still requires a button click to get it going.