Lennox and Addington County is considering setting up an observing area in the Sheffield Conservation Area, just off highway41 between Erinsville and Kaladar.
We went up to check the place out on Sunday and came away with these photos.

About 28 minutes north of Napanee and the 401 highway

hmm.. they may have to change this sign for nighttime observing!

The existing “parking lot”

This was not the conservation area per se, but a pulloff at the top of a hill within 100m of the actual area.

Look for this tiny sign!

A little scary going downhill in the winter

The conservation parking area right on the lake in a valley.

So it appears that it would not be in the lakeside parking area as the trees grow quite high, there is a good stiff wind funneled off Little Mellon Lake and it is a very narrow and steep access road.

More likely it will be at the top of the hill and hopefully there will be a garbage cleanup as well.
So far it sounds like there will be a few concrete pads poured.
Maybe a portapotty? Probably not.

More gleaned from the net:
The Sheffield Conservation Area is a 466.6 ha (1,157 acre) park with a typical Canadian Shield landscape – outcroppings of granite, scattered forests, and plentiful wetlands. Nature enthusiasts and hikers alike enjoy the area for its natural beauty and serenity.

And a media release from the county: