As of Friday April 13th, 2012 we have this report from Susan:

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The Napanee community food bank garden has been plowed up.
Planting began at 4pm of Friday .

So far, we have
3 rows of onions (dutch sets)
3 rows of peas ( 2 bolero, 1 dakota)
2 rows beets (early wonder) and
2 rows carrots (nantes).

The place is so dry, just like a dust bowl.
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*Volunteers are Needed!*

We hope to drop by this week and take some fresh images of the garden.
Over the last two years we have been taking weekly images from the four corners of the garden to try and give a time lapse visual over the summer, but they did not work out as well as expected. This year we will choose a few specific rows and specific plants and follow them over the growing season.

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