Today, Dora

Dora the Explorer

experienced her first guarded excursion outside.

Armed with spritz bottle , one person on the deck, and one off, she explored the deck. The flutter of birds, the cat bird hunting call, and many attempts to jumps on the rail proved fruitless. So inside she went after 10 minutes. Coming in and seeing if Peyton


wanted to go out, in which, she did not, Dora soon piped up saying she wanted too. So out she went. Again armed with spritz bottle, this proved uneffective, as she soon jumped to the rail to take in a more birds eye view of the chickedees at the feeder. She was soon scolded, whisked off the deck and inside she went. Perhaps later in the day when things calm down a bit after the morning canned cat food …….the adventures continue.

Got Peyton out on the deck again…this time more time sniffing, exploring and listening to the birds, and seeing the flying shadows. A little less timid this time, but still unsure…..Peyton’s adventures will continue, as she is a couple of months in age from Dora, so this will be an interesting time.