This is our first winter with a wood pellet stove.

It has not been doing too badly at all: a lot less heavy wood carrying frequency; most of it water as it was not as well dried; a lot less bugs and critters coming in with the wood; a lot less trail of wood debris in from the wood shed to the stacking area; a lot less mold and mildew coming in affecting both us and the animals; heat that can be generated all night long instead of just 2 or 3 hours before the old wood fire would go out; almost instant heat when turned on, much faster than the 1-2 hours the old wood fire would take; no more too-hot when the old wood fire really got going and you start to worry about chimney fires.

Please note the accessories that we have:
the fireplace set of shovel, poker and brush left over from the old wood stove
a new, smaller, ash bucket
two cleaning tools
and a GREAT BIG HEAT SINK in the front.
You can feel the heat flow drop when she arrives and settles in.