It was a great weekend with highs of 29 and 27 but still fairly dry. We had 2mm of rain early Saturday morning… not even enough to get the ground wet.
After 5 full weeks of working on the flower beds, ending a week ago, we started from the 1st one again, as a lot of grass survived, grew and poked through the mulch layer. So the front 4 flower beds were weeded and degrassed again and more mulch was added.
Looking in the back garlic beds, it was time to check a couple of bulbs and some of the garlic was ready to harvest already.
That led to the big project of clearing out the leanto, where we put up 4 drying racks for the garlic. Cleared out a small hornets nest.
got some garlic and hung it up to dry/cure for a few weeks.

This is at least a full two weeks earlier than years past. We can only think it was during the March 2012 warm spell that sped things up a bunch.

We’ll be picking more as the week wears on.