This summer (2012) seems to have zipped right by, with hardly a time to breath. Yet, there never seems to be enough time to just sit and reflect.

We had a great weekend. On Friday night , went to Elbow Lake and had an Astronomy retreat. Saturday, getting ones hair done, lifts the spirits, and hides those grey hairs : ) Upon coming home the new to us, used by others tent trailer named “Sunny” was in the driveway. We gave it a go over with some small repairs that need to be done, and gave it a good cleaning. Washed the curtains, painted some spots on the stove, and she looks good and ready to go camping. We still have a list of things to do and get, but she is good to go.

Sheffield Conservation Area

On Sunday we took the Guppy and went canoeing up to the Sheffield Conservation area, for about an hour. The clouds starting to come in and the wind picked up so we headed in. Stopped up at the top of the hill to the Dark Sky viewing area, that Terrence Dickinson is behind and promoting. You can go to their website at We are hoping to go up and observe at this site when on holidays next week.

Home we came to relax, and have dinner, a stirfry, and watch the Saskatchewan Roughriders and BC Lions game. Saskatchewan needs to go back to the drawing board, they are falling apart from first place to tied with fourth?????