We visited the Sheffield Lake Conservation area on Sunday (2012 August 19) to do some canoeing and to see the Lennox and Addington Dark Sky Viewing Area 30 minutes north of Napanee on Highway #41.

L&A Dark Sky Viewing Area sign on the highway

View from the Parking Lot


The Observing Pad – Gamesters of Triskelion anyone?

The rocks at the front look like a method to prevent people from driving up onto the pad. They will not stop headlights from shining right in your eyes however. The raven on the pad indicates North.
See our previous visit on 2012 March 12th to the site before the renovation work.
So, 30 minutes north of Napanee, maybe 10 minutes north of Erinsville and a good 50 minutes from our home near Yarker.
As Kim noted earlier, we will be returning to try the site out on a clear night.