Wow… a couple of marathon sessions and we have finished off the current incarnation of the Doctor Who BBC TV series.
Season 6 went by pretty fast and then Season 7’s few episodes in time for the Christmas Day special with the scary snowmen with teeth.
Now we wait until April? for the rest of the season to resume.

In the meantime we started in on another series that we had not really heard of “Falling Skies”.

So far we have gotten through the first season (only 10 episodes) and a few into the 2nd and to date it is very disappointing with poor plotlines and writing. The overall concepts are pretty standard to Science Fiction. Aliens attack, wipe out major cities and most of the population, start collecting people for nefarious purposes and the americans with lots of guns fight back.

So far some good stuff in terms of CGI… the aliens and their robots are not too bad. But it seems there is a lack of CGI funding because at least half of the onscreen time is rehashing over and over person on person dialogue that goes over and over the same ground again and again. They have survived months of guerilla warfare, playing the guerilla part, and still don’t have point men on their patrols and movements? The small groups don’t have anyone watching their backs? With extremely limited ammo they still fire off on automatic or semiautomatic fire? arrggg.
Every episode now I find myself going arrgg and wanting to stop watching, but they have enough hooks to want to see another one.
Or well.. just a few more to get through Season2 and we will see what happens after that.