This is our greenhouse. Notice how snow covered it is. THere hasn’t been enough sunlight coming into the south facing front wall to heat up the inside to melt the snow on the top.
SO I went out with a snow rake to fix the situation. Boy did I fix it.
A nice hole right through the poly Palruf material and into the greenhouse proper.

That was a couple of weeks ago. After the snow melted away the hole was duct-taped closed temporarily. We still get some water leakage though… into a big tray for now.

The plan was to buy the better quality poly that had a better snow load and lifetime warranty (the existing poly has a 5 year warranty and bad snow load properties. Bad raccoon loading properties too… the &#^$ raccoons have put big dents in some of the panels).

Then the cost was looked at and another $140-200 was not in the books today so we thought, just buy a single 2’x8′ panel and install it overtop to existing until after the spring greenhouse season… and then take another look at replacing all 4 panels.
Stopped in to Home Dept and wouldn’t you know it… none of the exact type we need in stock.
Oh well.. buying yesterday was just to have it on hand when the weather turned nice enough to do the work. We’ll keep checking.