This is the latest in the Honor Harrington series of books from David Weber.

Muchly anticipated, preordered early and waited and waited for the shipping date and then the delivery date. It finally arrived! Finished it the same day, left disappointed.

No mention of the main character the series is named for, but all about outer regions and secondary characters… too many of them at times. Very little ship action and no fleet actions.
Bummer. Haven drops off the storyline map, and whatever happened to Grayson?


Time to set the sights on the 25th anniversary re-release of “On Basilisk Station”. Now that was a tight plot that easily kept you reading until done.
So, all in all a bump in the road, more suited for the honorverse universe of related stories. Recommended? Not especially.
Skip the hardcover price, wait for the paperback and even then, only if you are a collector of the series.

Will this novel stop me from preordering “House of Steel” and “Beginnings”? No 🙂