It’s been busy again.. and promises to continue to be busy for another week or two.

Note: rain. lots and lots of rain. We were camping in Bon Echo Provincial Park and the skies opened up Sunday morning while we packed up. And only 2mm here at home.
72mm in June so far (just under 3 inches). It’s wet.
The first campsite we had reserved was surround by wetlands and was itself a wetland. 30 minutes later (with darkness approaching) we picked another random site and started setup.

Note: Potato Bugs. The next generation of Colorado potato bug eggs have hatched and and gotten a few day head start on us. Lots of squishing bugs was done yesterday and I suspect for the rest of the season.

Note: Rabbits. There seems to be a lot of them. A couple adults come around well before dusk, sniffing around the veg gardens. Sometimes fighting over the privilege of sneaking in. A smaller one has someone gotten in past the fenceline to wander around the inside offerings.

Note: Raccoons. We have seen it (or them) come by before dusk, at midnight, and in the morning twilight at 04:30. It doesn’t seem to keep a schedule too well… or there are at least three of them that come to visit.

Note: Grass: The wild animals are not doing nearly enough to keep the grass in check. Instead of the 14 day interval that we aspire to, letting the grass grow long and cutting it long (4″), we are down to 6 day intervals and there are times that it seems to long as well!