runs one day workshops this summer on a variety of topics.
If you have the time, money, and ability to travel log distances to Guelph, these may be for you!

Also the Gananoque Horticultural Society is holding a Garden Tour:

8 Gardens for $8.00
For Tickets
Call Alice 382-7341 or Joan 463-9406
Also at Tourist Bureau King St Gananoque
and at Penny’s Garden 2932 Woodburn Rd.
(Tea to be served at Penny’s Garden)

And lastly the Rideau Lakes Horticultural Society Presents
Once upon a time there were six enchanted gardens. These gardens were the home of magical creatures plants and objects and all was wonderful until a wicked sorceress cast a spell that caused the animals to be turned to stone and the objects to lose their powers. The plants were sad at this and while continuing on they did not dance any longer.
It was decreed that on the magical date of July 6th 2013 a group of brave gardeners would set forth to find the magical creatures and objects in the gardens and only by finding all twelve would the spell be broken and the gardens returned to their former joy.

Will you be one of the Brave Gardeners?

Saturday July 6th 2013
Enchanted Garden Tour
And Scavenger Hunt
With ¼ chicken BBQ to follow
Cost $15.00
Advance tickets only
Contact Mark Stevens at 613-928-2652 or mkbjstevens@ripnet.com