It’s that time of year again… garlic harvest time!
We’ve already pulled some of the earlier varieties and hung them up to dry in the leaky-roof greenhouse leanto.

That’s got to be patched this weekend, before more garlic comes in.

The garlic patch is 1/2 of veg #5 bed shown in the top right of the image above. We were pretty good at weeding it up until the heat wave starting two weeks back. Now its mostly overrun and once we harvest it will be tilled (once the tiller has been repaired… leaky fuel primer bulb) and then have some triple mix garden earth added in for next season. We saved maybe 1 yard of earth from the 16 yards ordered in the spring, just for this area.

We did come across yet another rabbit inside the veg4/5 fenceline two days ago. Damn those little creatures that can wiggle in through the smallest hole in the fence.